Google's Latest Response to Commercial App Security


After a developer broke Google's latest security measures for apps in the Android Market, Google felt a need to build up security a bit.  Last we heard, Tim Bray of Google, promised to give some tips for securing apps.

In the latest post on Google's Android developer blog, there is an article by Trevor Johns that covers this.  He gives four suggestions with easy to follow sample code for securing apps.  His suggestions include:

  • You can obfuscate your application to make it difficult to reverse-engineer.
  • You can modify the licensing library itself to make it difficult to apply common cracking techniques.
  • You can make your application tamper-resistant.
  • You can offload license validation to a trusted server.
  • He goes into detail with each of them, and the article is really worth reading for anyone interested in commercial app development.

    You can find it here.

    Thank you to AndroidPolice for breaking the initial story and its follow-up out to the world!

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