Google TV to be Released this Month

September 10, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

In a recent development from the Wall Street Journal, it is said that Google TV is set to make an it’s official debut a lot sooner than everyone had ever imagined. Despite hearing from Eric Schmidt a while ago that Google TV would launch some time in the Fall, Intel’s CEO had it in mind that the platform is actually set to launch this month. Sure, that’s certainly in the Fall, but this is far more precise than what Google provided.

Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini, was talking about the comparisons between the Apple TV and the Television Google has to offer, that set to make it’s presence, officially, in the coming weeks. The main take away from that update, comes in the admission that Google TV is set to launch this month. Yet, there was no word on whether or not hardware from Logitech or Sony would make an appearance around the same time. Otellini also went on to say that while the right chip will get the right job done (which we agree with), he also notes that his company has to make some headway into the software front, too. He goes on to reveal that Intel has been responsible for about 50% of the code you’ll see in Google TV. It’s good to hear that Google TV is literally right around the corner, but we’ll be a lot more satisfied once we hear, and see, the products getting released. Mayby we wll see the G2 operate thee TV… Just a thought.