Go Mobile House Hunting – Zillow Real Estate – Android App Review


App Name: Zillow Real Estate by Zillow.com

Description: See Zestimate® home values, local real estate including homes for sale, homes sold and rentals.

How it works: Zillow is one big real estate map for seeing homes for sale, houses already sold recently and also house/apartment rentals. So whether you are moving up buying or looking into a rental this app gives you all the details.


When you are looking at the map you are going to see different colored house icons designating what type of real estate for it is.  Red houses are for houses still on the market; yellow houses for recently sold houses; blue houses for houses not on the market with estimates done by Zillow called Zestimates and purple house icons for rentals.

Clicking on any of the icons will show a bubble of basic info: price, square footage and amount of rooms/bathrooms and states any available pics. If there are alot of choices there is a icon at the bottom right of the map which pulls up a list of the houses. Selecting one of them will show the details about the house: price, square footage, how long its been on the market, etc. You also will have agent info and the ability to send an email for a viewing. You can save searches and also make favorites to keep at your fingertips for future comparisons.

A lot of the real estate had pics and you can side swipe through the pics but unfortunately can't zoom in or make them full screen.


Opinion: This app would have been a musthave when I was house hunting back in 2006, I might have found a lot more house to check out as we perused the suburbs my wife and I were interested in.  The details on the house for sale is more than enough and easy enough to be in contact with agents to set up possible viewings.


  • Speed (3/5) – pretty quick getting the house details up, but there is some lag with the map showing results as you move it around.
  • Features (5/5) – Plenty.  Showing any kind of real estate you need on the map, you get all the details, pics and contact info.  Saved searches and favorite houses.
  • Theme (4/5) – Basic UI but works fine and doesn't get in the way of searches.
  • Overall (4/5) – Alittle slow pulling up icons on the map unless you have a good connection, but plenty of options and good details make this app very effective.


  • Lots of real estate to check out.
  • Saved searches
  • Ability to see pics of houses for sale.  Great if you are mobile and want to know what a house looks like whenyou drive by it.


  • Slow pulling up icons on the map sometimes.
  • Pics aren't full screen.

Conclusion: Zillow makes this free app very appealing.  I already have a house and I was house hunting and even checking out some nice apartments in the area.  Having pics and all the details right at my fingertips and also being able to go from the list instead of hunting on the map was a plus.