Five Great Android Strategy Games to Get Hooked On


Want some more games for your Android device, but tired of the usual shoot-em-ups?  Not in the mood for word games and want more interaction than puzzles?  Want to challenge yourself to think ahead instead of react quickly?  Here are five favorite strategy games from Pocket Gamer, a UK gaming site for "mobies" and other portable game devices.  There's an entire Android section waiting for you there.  Each of these games has a link to its review on Pocket Gamer, as well as install links (to Android device and QR code from your monitor) on AppBrain.

So without further ado, reviewer Jon Mundy's top five picks:


Robo Defense (Lupis Labs Software)

While seeing this tower defense game as a copy of Fieldrunners (for the iPhone), Mundy was impressed by the variety of guns and other weapons and "a seemingly endless supply of defensive gun turrets."  120 levels to play through in the paid app.

With over 250,000 copies downloaded, this is pretty clearly a game you want, as everyone else does.


FREE version, one map, 11 difficulty levels.

Paid ($2.99) version 1.3.  120 levels.

Battle for Mars (Larva Labs)


Another game borrow, this time from Advance Wars for the GameBoy.  In this take on the turn-based strategic invasion game, you battle aliens on Mars with soldiers, robots, and spaceships.  Mundy loves the kitschy but well-done graphics.

FREE version, one map, solo play only.

Paid ($4.99) version 1.56.  Includes multiplayer capability, at least a dozen maps.


Military Madness (Hudson Soft)

Military Madness is available on several platforms (Xbox 360, Wii, etc) and began life on the TurboGrafx console w0 years ago!  This may lead some to find the move to the smartphone less than the complete experience.  This is a grid-based war game, where positioning near allies plays a key role.

Paid ($4.99) version only.


Guns 'n' Glory (HandyGames)

A "tower defense" style game where you can move your players around easily.  Set in the Wild West, you recruit a group of cowboys, Indians, and bandits and prevent settlers from crossing your territory.  Ambush the train or stagecoaches!  The paid version has only been out for a week and a half!  10 game levels, 3 upgrade levels for your gang members, 10 types of enemies.  Mundy says the graphics are great on a high-resolution display. The free version has an ad banner.

FREE version (with ads)


Paid version 1.1 (no ads)

Everlands (Hexage)

This grid-based game has a different feel than the others, despite being a battle and strategy game under its fantasy theme.  The games above featured weaponry of some sort.  Everlands is an animal battle where each creature has its abilities and weaknesses.  Thus part of the strategy is choosing the best beast for each move you make.  Each of the 20 levels takes place in a different story scenario.  Mundy feels the iffy translation for the game gives it "an affectingly poetic feel."


FREE version 1.3 (Trial)

Paid version 1.3 (£1.50)

Source: Pocket Gamer