Final Version of Angry Birds to be Released in a Few Weeks

September 10, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Well now that Angry Birds beta finally made it to the Marketplace everyone is wondering when can we expect the final version?  Well the answer doesn’t come in the form of a concrete release date but rather a vague answer of, “2-3 weeks.”  Phandroid got an opportunity to talk with the guys over at Rovio and that was the answer they received when they asked them about the final release.  The beta was a great time waster, for those who were able to download it, but it only contained 15 levels.  I’m sure the people over at Rovio are working hard to iron out all the bugs that have plagued the beta.  So be patient and play through the 15 levels again because the game is that much fun, even in its beta form.