Entourage empties their pockets, Announces New Pocket Edge Release for Next Month!

September 27, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic
After showing all their cards early, Entourage acknowledges the existence of the Pocket Edge as well as its release date.  Sporting the same specs as its bigger brother, the Pocket edge is only 6 inches in size on the left with it’s E Ink touch display with a 7 inch LCD touchscreen on the right.  There will be two models available at launch, a 3g edition with Verizon Wireless and a Wi-fi only model for the less hardcore users.
Now only about half the size of the Edge 2 the camera has been moved to the top left side as well as substituting the navigator for an optical trackpad which will be easier on the hands for a smaller device.  You will also show support for mother nature now that there is a non-removable battery.  One downside is that it only comes with one USB port as well as a SDHC caqrd slot which may suffice for some but does knock the weight of the device from 3 to 1pounds making those lengthy reading sessions a little easier on the hands.