Droid Incredible Blushes In Beautiful Red

September 10, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

It seems to be a fad lately to release a phone in a bland color, talk it up for a while and make it popular, then stun everyone with a new color choice.  OK, it seems to be an HTC thing mostly.  It happened with the EVO.  Everyone ran to EVO-land, and after a few months, a white EVO appeared.  The same thing has just happened with the HTC Wildfire and Desire.  A little over a week ago, we heard that a white Droid Incredible would be released.

Today there is the opportunity for a flaming red Droid Incredible as seen in the pictures.  It’s actually just a battery back cover replacement.  The same is true of the white one.  Both are really sexy….

You can grab either one by going to a Verizon store and asking for these SKUs.  They will both set you back $25.

White HTC Back: VZW6300DORW
Red HTC Back: VZW6300DORR

I really like the black-with-red-accents of the original Incredible, but this might out-do it.  It makes for a really flamboyant and loud (looking) phone.  But, maybe it is too much?  What do you think?

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