Comscore shows Google is kicking goals in the mobile market.

September 20, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

In the latest Comscore report for the last quarter it is showing that Google market share in the mobile market has risen from 12% to 17% in three months, this is a triumph for the search company. This 5% rise in such a short period can only mean one thing, we are going to be seeing more and more Android on our phones YAY!

The figures also show that across the board with the exception of Palm who has retained it’s exact share, there has been a slight drop in the market share for Rim, Apple and Microsoft. With such public figures like that I am sure that this will definitely have the major three scratching their heads and coming up with further strategies to combat their fall.

Further in the report it shows that Samsung has gained a further 1% market share in the mobile market overtaking such makers as LG and Motorola, which I am sure, is attributed to their massive efforts to become huge Android device makers and as you can see it seems to be paying off.

These figures reaffirm that Android is not only here to stay but it is a platform that a lot of manufacturers are seeing amazing potential in and just like Samsung and Motorola, you are now seeing huge amounts of money being injected into these devices to get them out and into your pockets. This is great news and lets keep waiting for the next report to hopefully see even more growth.