BitBop Finally Makes Its Way to Android

September 15, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Good mobile TV applications have been scarce and the few that are out there don’t seem to live up to the standard that people want, well BitBop is hoping that their new app for Android will fix that.  You see BitBop is a mobile TV application that is subscription based and they offer TV shows and movies to users handsets.  While their subscription fee of $9.99 is pretty much standard fare, they do offer something a little different to users.  BitBop actually offers a download option for the TV shows so that the user can actually view them offline and not have to go through the hassle of streaming issues that can arise if you try to view over a non Wi-Fi network such as 3G.  So that option alone makes BipBop stand out from the rest of the options that are available now.  The other thing that you notice while browsing through shows is that you will see certain TV documentaries also on the site along with the most current and hottest shows out now.  BitBop’s initial version of their application is pretty user friendly and definitely worthy of a look if you have been looking for a good mobile TV application.  If you want to download the app, just click here and enjoy your TV shows on the go.