As Android's success increases, will more nomadic develops take the move from Apple iOS to Google?

In a recent survey done by Appcelerator and IDC, Android may just be the go-to OS for many devs in the future.  Of course, can anyone really be surprised?  As the number of Android devices hit the market in waves its almost a sure thing, but the little green robot still has some work to do.

The survey was taken by 2,300 developers who use the Appcelerator's Titanium cross-platform compiler to develop Android and iOS applications from the same piece of code.  When it came to "best long-term outlook" the Android OS won hands down with 59% of the devs choosing Google's green machine followed by Apple's iOS with 35%.  Important?  Yes, but lets see how life is fairing for both OS's in the present time.  Three of the four developers chose iOS as the best "near-term outlook" as well as the best revenue opportunity for the time being and who can really blame them right now, the iOS has a huge share in the market world so it should reflect in other areas such as developer support as well.  But as we all know Android market share is increasing while other big names such as Apple and Blackberry are slowly but steadily decreasing so things can change in less than 3-4 years.

It is also easy to see why Apple's Iphone, Ipod Touch and Ipad will have a bigger appeal to developers over Android  with the potential revenue they could gain.  But Google is not going to just take it lying down, they are expanding paid applications to different countries and even though they have a long way to go, they are making great strides to accomplish their goals.  Currently, Android only allows Google Checkout, which requires users to sign up for yet another payment service, only with cooperation with carriers can Google offer users another way to purchase applications, like the options to purchase a game or app and have it charge on the next phone bill.
When it comes to best operating system in other hardware outside of a smartphone it seems most developers go with the little green guy.  A staggering 72% of developers chose Android over iOS which stood at 25% when asked about the OS best positioned to power  a large number of connected devices in the future.  Even with all that, developers interest in Android tablets are still very low, probably for the lack of hardware shown up to now and because of that Apple's Ipad took 84% of the dev's interest as far as tablets go.  The Ipad will probably be the go-to tablet for a little while longer while Google and manufaturers start to send out more of there tablets as well as Blackberry's recently announced "Blackberry Playbook"  But for now it seems Apple has a few more months to get it's affairs in order before they switch their room from a single to a co-op.