Angry Birds soar to new heights with a million downloads on Android!

Though only in  its beta stages, Angry Birds was release on Sept. 3rd and already reached a flabergasted number of downloads in less than a months time.
It seems the company was extremely surprised by the success reached in the short amount of time and it was Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio's spokesman to announce to recent news that was posted here on TNW

Unfortunately one thing that wasn't said was when the date of the official app will be released for the android but it shouldn't be long since its beta app looks pretty close to a retail version.With this success the company plans of take advantage by unveiling that they will be porting the  artsy game to Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Wii System, PSP and NDS.  With a population of only 27 employees they plan on working on new titles and have not intention on working on an Angry Birds 2 but are looking on expanding and hiring more developers as they see fit.

This news is not just important to Rovio but to Google and all the people who own an android device.  A year ago you wouldn't see developers moving AAA title games to the Android and with the user base growing ever rapidly, companies with popular titles like Gamevil (Baseball Superstars) and Rovio are seeing a new market besides Apple which will also gain profit and what's the benifit for us you ask? More high profile games and apps making its way to the Android on a daily basis.
Though there is not official release date, it looks like the full game will make its way on the Android around October-November the latest and I hope by then the game will even be more popular than ever, 2 million downloads by the end of the year should come easy.

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