ADWLauncher with Sense Appeal!

September 24, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

HTC Sense is known as one of the nicest UI interfaces on smart phones. XDA member JAguirre1231 has brought HTC’s Sense onto ADWlauncher with some modification making “sense” onto it. As some may know with android platforms to have a nice setup, themes, etc.. you will need to have your phone rooted.

While android roms may have plenty of apps to enjoy, problem lies with the rom as memory may be limited for add ons. Bringing ADWLauncher into the mix allows you to conserve memory as it’s only an app and not in detailed with extra features, games, apps like a rom.

Installment is easy to follow, this modification currently on MDPI-only but soon once our friend has time he will bring it to HDPI.

Some ADW themes may not play nice with this mod after setup.

To get more details on updates and themes view his thread, and download ADWLauncher from market before install.

Enjoy, let us now how you like it..