5 Archos Android Tablets Join The Android Army, Prices Leak


The growing Android Tablet Army now has some more recruits with Archos announcing 5 new Android tablets. Archos has gone for a naming convention that signifies the screen size, and decided to brand them all as 'tablet devices'. The leader 101 10.1-inch tablet is device that really shines out from the other tablet that Archos introduced with 1024—600 screen, fold out stand, phone tethering and 720p video playback really packs a punch. The device weighs a mere 480 grams and has a thickness of only 12 mm. That's thinner than a certain device by a company named after a fruit. Does it happen to start with an "A"?  Yes, the 101 is definitely one of the devices we'd like to get to know better. Android Apps are provided, not via the Android Market, but via Archos' own AppsLib; a Marketplace for Android Tablets. It remains to be seen if Google will address the issue of Apps for Tablets any time soon or if a third-party provider solutions, like that from Archos, will become the de-facto Tablet Market.

Much information has been made available; like important release dates and prices for these 5 "tablets" and the bonus about all this is it's not that far way and not that much money.


All five models come with Android 2.2, WiFi (b/g/n), usb and g-sensors. All except the 28 have Bluetooth 2.1 EDR

ARCHOS 28 Internet Tablet
320—240 2.8-inch screen, 800 MHz ARM
Available in September 2010: $99 – 4GB

ARCHOS 32 Internet Tablet
400—240 3.2-inch screen, 800 MHz ARM, Camcorder capabilities
Available in September 2010: $149 – 8GB


ARCHOS 43 Internet Tablet
480—85 4.3-inch screen, 1GHz processor
Available in September 2010: $199 – 16GB

ARCHOS 70 Internet Tablet
800—480 screen 7.0-inch screen,  1GHz processor, phone tethering, mini-HDMI and USB ports.  VGA Webcam
Available in October 2010: $274.99 – 8GB and $349.99 – 250GB (HDD)

ARCHOS 101 Internet Tablet
1024—600 10.1-inch screen, 1GHz ARM A8, phone tethering, HMDI-output, 720p HD video playback, font webcam.
Available in October 2010: $299 – 8GB and $349.99 – 16GB.


~One of the main advantages that All TRUE Android Users love. The sole fact that it's nice to have a choice from many and many different types of devices. NOT JUST ONE

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