Your Android Device can also be Used as a SuperComputer!

Have you ever wanted to run very complicated codes or run very complicated calculations but you could not because you needed a super computer?Well your problem has been solved use an android phone instead of a supercomputer.Yes its true!Your android device can also be used as a super computer.

The guys at MIT were successful in running some complicated calculations which was previously being done by a super computer on an android phone.The Massachusetts Institute of Technology along with the Texas Advanced Computing Center have come up with an application that could handle the calculations run on the supercomputer.The researchers at MIT were able to create an application which would reduce the default screen size which was set as a humongous supercomputer to our own android powered google nexus one.This interface would allow them to run the same kind of applications which was previously being done by the supercomputer.

"You don't need to have a high-powered computer on hand," said MIT mechanical engineer David Knezevic. Knezevic and his fellow researchers are confident that the results achieved on the android phone is accurate and match the results produced by the supercomputer.

TACC says that the researchers at MIT performed high end simulations on TACC's Ranger supercomputer and then created an application for a smaller, reduced model, which was used to create an Android application for a Nexus One.They also said that once the reduced model is set up in an android phone you would be able to run these simulations easily.

Knezevic also said:"The payoff for model reduction is larger when you can go from an expensive supercomputer solution to a calculation that takes a couple of seconds on a smart phone," he said. "That's a speed up of orders of magnitude."

Now this is not only a breakthrough for android and its community its also a breakthrough for the scientists and students conducting research.Now they don't need to go to their university for conducting research,whenever a thought comes into your mind would be able to run it on your android phone in your pocket.You can do these calculations when you are travelling or any other work.

MIT credits the openness of the android operating system which made this possible.Well i don't see the iPhone crunching some high fi simulations or used in research works.Yeah iPhone is just for showing off not using.

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