World Round Up: 2.2 for Galaxy S – 2.1 for Hero – Mini Pro and Dell Streak from O2


Froyo coming to International Galaxy S in September
I flashed my Galaxy S with the unofficial 2.2 ROM as soon as it became available, but no matter how many times I do it, installing unofficial software on an expensive new toy is always a nerve-wracking half an hour or so – the G1 shaped paperweight on my desk will testify to that. Waiting for official updates is probably the wisest approach to adopt, and its with certain relief that I can report that Samsung are officially working on a 2.2 ROM for the Galaxy S – at least for the international version that we use here in Europe. The Korean electronics giant's announcement that it will be ready next month is a good sign of their commitment to the platform.

Flipping Out in China
This is one you may not have seen in the States, as the Motorola FlpOut has only been released in Europe thus far, and it may not be to your taste due to its unusual square shape, but I like it and Moto must too as they plan to release the phone in China where it will be known as the M511 The screen is a bit small at 320 x 240px but the Motoblur skin allows resizable widgets which gets round the problem quite nicely with a bit of thought.


G2 (Hero) gets Eclair
Orange promised European customers the Android 2.1 update for the Hero (G2)in June. They have, to their credit, been very apologetic about the delay and today their embarrassment came to an end with the official arrival of the 2.1 operating system. Despite the announcement claiming the update will begin next week, some users are tweeting that they have it already. We'd love to hear.

O2 Shelves Getting Greener
Two new Android shaped offers have popped up in O2 UK's stores this week. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is available for £25 ($40) a month and is a nice querty phone that punches above its weight. Other carriers are offering it too, so shop around if you're interested because O2 are not the cheapest option.


Its easy to forget, as I count out the £449 ($720) I need for my PAYG 32GB Dell Streak, that over in the States you haven't even got your hands on the 16GB version yet. I don't want to gloat but I couldn't resist posting this lovely photo.

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