Why We Should Stop Android Piracy

The best feature of Android platform is that its an open source platform.This gives the developer access to many tools and helps them a lot and it also makes the users happy.But are we taking advantage of this openness? The developers after a lot of hard work create apps and they sell it on the market but some people just pirate it and sell it for free?Is it fun?Shouldn't we help the developers of our community who provide us with so much.We should stand by them and avoid using the pirated apps.Well i can only tell this because no matter whatever steps google take to overcome this piracy issues,they get cracked again and many people complain about it by writing posts and blogs about it but what are you doing yourself about this issue?All the people write it and read it and then go on themselves and use these pirated illegal apps.If this is the way it proceeds then i guess google will put up more security and then the users won't be able to make use of the operating system as before.Do we want this?Do we want our freedom to be taken away?If we continue to download and use these pirated apps then the developers of these apps will leave the android development for good and join forces with apple.Do we want that to happen?First of all the developers are facing problems because there are so many free apps that can do the same thing,their paid apps can do,only the paid apps have better graphics and are more smooth and have a good interface,instead of encouraging these app developers we are pirating their apps.

Due to all these pirating issues google introduced a new DRM in July which will be able to stop this piracy but that is not 100% secure and it has been cracked too.The method that Google has taken is that to make this piracy as hard and more costly as it can be for these pirates.In this way they will understand they can do lot more better things and actually contribute something for the android community in a better way.

Android DRM was introduced and this security measure might not  be 100% secure but it is the best ! Do you want an application which can only be downloaded by an interface like the iTunes?Do you want your apps to be locked down to that device and have to buy the same app when you buy another device?In an open operating system google has provided the best security they can and they are trying to improvise on it and make it better and harder for these pirates to crack.

Mostly the apps are written in java,there are many softwares which can actually decompile or disassemble the java code and hence enabling them to crack it in a very easy way.There is a section in these codes which is for licensing and this section is not identifiable,but if we decompile this code with a software,we can clearly see that there is only a single byte separating from the application to be cracked.The license mechanism works in the following way,when u run a application,this application is connected with the server of the market where the licensing is checked and then this application ask for the permission to run,if the app does not get the permission then the binary no. returned is 1 and if it is allowed to run then it returns as 0.Well as you can clearly see this is not a very big issue for our really great people in the android community to crack it,there is also an alternative for this issue,you can manually alter the script or write some extra lines due to which this patched application can be installed from some other website or source easily without any problem.Android provides us with openness and this is how we show them the love?Its easy for us to install an app from a website or any other place than the market just by one click,can you do that on the iphone?The iphone users have to sit and jailbreak their device to be capable of doing this.

Here is a video of a guy showing how to use pirated apps:

Well google trying their level best to make these apps secure and unable to crack.They have provided us with such a great operating system and thank them and i guess they will be very successful in their market licensing.What should we do about this piracy acts?I don't install these pirated apps even though there is no access to paid apps in my phone and probably my country unless we use the market enabler.You guys should also stop using these pirated apps and start using the paid apps,its not very costly and we have to also appreciate these developers for their months of hard work in making this app.This post is dedicated to all the android developers out there,these developers have made us love android and have made this platform the best in the world and we should stand by them,and these developers are also very helpful!i know some developers and they relay helped me a lot in many issues,they don't avoid you or show any pride like the apple guys.Help them and help our android community.Make some application or write some codes which can increase the security of this apps not crack it.

Help the android community,share knowledge,help in reducing piracy........lets make this the best operating system ever!

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