Why People Hate Apple? Let me Tell You

Competition. It brings out the best AND the worst in us. We stand up for what we believe in and step on what we don't. I grew up idolizing Nike and Michael Jordan while I despised Puma and Fila. What about them made me feel that way? My love for Nike made me hate the others. Why? I stood behind the product and the company I believed in. This is also the case about Apple. My mom had an Apple II when I was young. I could play Oregon Trail all day long. I had one of those big floppy drives. It was our first computer, and our last Apple computer. There are reasons why people hate Apple, so let's review those reasons, shall we?

You have had a bad experience with Apple or one of its products. I've worked in retail and I know that every company, every manufacturer has problems in one way or another. Every electronic component has its share of problems. Some can be lemons while others never have a problem. If you have experienced one of those situations where you had a problem that was so bad you swore you would never buy another product from Apple, then you fall into this category. Your bad experience has turned you off to Apple. There is nearly nothing that can be done or said to change the way you feel about Apple. You chime in on conversations to let people know how you have been screwed and you take that opportunity to slam Apple in hopes that you will influence someone else to stay away from Apple. You have been scarred. I am not making this up. It really does happen. I had a horrible experience at a company about seventeen years ago and to this day I have never gone back in that store. They made me so mad I called the police! Situations like this change you because you can't get over what has happened.

You hate Apple's arrogance. You've seen the commercials and heard the advertisements. Every time they come on TV, you curse under your breath. Look at those people. They think their crap don't stink. They have their fancy overpriced equipment that they are playing with. They are trying to make me feel like I am not hip or cool if I don't have that Apple product. This is partly a generational thing, but there are others who absolutely look at Apple as one of those trendy companies that try to influence you with one of those keeping up with the Jones' mentality. Apple isn't the only company to do this and this is nothing new. It's been happening for quite some time. Also, people who have the iPhone seem to feel that they are above the rest of us. Not all of them, but many out there do. Speaking of arrogance...

Apple is not the product for you. Now let me explain what I mean here. When I got my first computer, I had a choice. I could have bought a Mac if I wanted. But I liked playing video games on my computer. Every game I wanted was not on the Mac. It seemed like games came to the Mac a year after they were released on the PC. I didn't have any friends with Apple computers, why should I get one? The whole software issue really influenced my decision on which route to go and I think it did for many others as well. Windows still rules this market with roughly 90% of the computers running its operating system compared to 5% with Mac. If you look on a larger scale, Apple is not going to be the choice for many medium and large businesses. Apple doesn't seem to have the relationship skills to pull this off. People need closeness and lots of support. Look at the iPhone. It has its problems too. If actual phone calls are important to you, you may not be interested in the iPhone. If you like open platform and the abiity to do lots of customizing, Android is the better way to go.

You don't believe in Apple. In the beginning I told you about my Nike scenario. This is what I am talking about with not believing in Apple. Imagine you get a PC or even an Android phone . It is the best thing in the world to you. You can't live without it. Someone says my iPhone is better and you tell them BS, my Android is way better. This is a battle of belief. You each believe your product is better. I know I am right on this because I feel this way with Nike, and I feel this way with Android. When I first heard about the iPhone, I was very interested and it sounded cool. Then I heard it was going to be exclusive to AT&T and I immediately thought of all of the reasons why that made me mad. These two companies teamed up to steal market share because of a phone. You want me to leave my carrier to come over there just to get the iPhone? No! That pissed me off! But you know what? People did! They left to go to AT&T to get the iPhone. I was happy with who I was with and I did not want to change. Guess what, I am very happy that I did stay. Android came out and I jumped on board. Suddenly an open platform came out and it was shared to all carriers. Everyone has Android and it IS great!

Whatever your reason is, there are others like you out there. Our stubbornness can really affect the way we feel about a product or service. There are great things about Apple and there are bad things about Apple but this is true for almost every company. There is always room for improvement. People are always wanting more, bigger and better. Why do you think they are on the 4th version of the iPhone?

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