Samsung Galaxy S: Whats an AMOLED screen without accessories?

galaxy s car dock2

The Samsung Galaxy S is an impressive phone with its AMOLED screen, but what is an impressive phone without accessories? Samsung has announced today a line of accessories that will make you want to take your Samsung Galaxy S everywhere. These accessories include a car dock, home dock , batteries and chargers to make the Samsung Galaxy S an everyday must have when your out and about.

It seems like two of the must haves for any smartphone is a car dock and a home dock. The car dock will allow you to travel with your phone keeping traffic, weather and navigation at the sound of your voice. The car dock includes a micro USB connector to charge your phone on the go so you will never be without location based updates.

The home dock for the Samsung Galaxy S allows you to fully utilize the AMOLED screen  by putting pictures, music and movies at the touch of your fingertips. In addition to the dock there is a “Desk Home App” in the market that allows you to use the phone for the alarm, weather and  media.

Now we know battery power is an issue for any smart phone so Samsung is offering a few solutions to that in way of an extra 1500 mAh battery. They are also offering a phone stand to charge the Samsung Galaxy S and a wall charger for the spare battery  for charging at home, in the office or on the go. The spare battery charger is said to be small enough to fit into any pocket to transport your battery.

The accessories will also include the normal array of cases in all colors and patterns as well as a three pack of screen protectors. There is also a mention of  WMG1602 Wi-Fi HD streaming device, allowing pictures and movies to be streamed to your HDTV,  but no pictures have yet surfaced of this accessory.

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Hand holding phone with Android Headlines logo Tomorrow's Tech, Today's News