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Android Headlines.com wants you!To take the love for Android to a new level.

As AndroidHeadlines.com grows, evolves, and changes almost just as fast as our favorite OS does and because of that, we not only need help on the back end of things, but also want to extend an invitation to you all out there.

What are we looking for?  Editors!

Now, the title is fancy, snazzy, and worthy of a few tweets and status updates but at the same time, we expect a level of professionalism that is required for the amount of news, insiders, and reviews that we do.

Here's the run down!

  • Interest in Android that is a bar above the normal fanboy (professional fanboys move to front of line)
  • A sense of business and professionalism (no never responding to emails. All emails from us are for a reason and should be replied to as soon as you as it is a courtesy to you fellow co-workers.)
  • Time to sit, watch, and pay attention to a training provided for you in order to be informed as to how we work. We have a complete set of training videos and will provide hands on training for a few weeks.
  • Can take constructive criticism (we all get it and you will never hear it from us in a context that's not appropriate or unprofessional. A team works to make each other better, not worse.)
  • Time. Time is a must, if you can put in 4-6 hours daily. If you can do this, you will also get bumped up in the line. Is not consistently working but we need editors available for that length of time.
  • Work well with others and with many things going on at the same time (Editors are very important to the running of the site)
  • Position is a Volunteer Position at this time as we are not a year old as of yet and still growing our business model, that being said we will be compensating our editors first when site revenues allow for it.

Well folks, that's a basic run down of what we're looking for. We don't demand any experience, just time and patience and willingness to learn. We work as a team, moving all different parts at different speeds for the greater good in running the site and android community.  If you think you're still interested fill out the little sheet below and submit so we can know who we're talking to and get in touch with you as well. We look forward to hearing from you!


PS, editors will be given access to certain apps and opportunities that became available and with merit as well within you area and with enough time we can also provide references and letters of recommendations. Your time is valuable and so is ours, and though this is not a paid position as of yet, there is some compensation aside from "thank you's" and smiley faces and stickers. We do all that we can to treat and compensate our staff. Help us by getting bigger and better to help you with something a little green as soon as we can."We are all non paid volunteers for this site that do it strictly to help educate consumers about Android and be part of a wonderful technology that is just on the verge of exploding worldwide.

Fill Out Our General Application and We Will Contact You ASAP.

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