'Viper Stand Back': Viper Releases SmartStart App for Android…


Amazing! You can now start your car from your Android smartphone thanks to the Viper SmartStart app! No longer do you need to carry an extra remote or be within a certain distance to start your car. The SmartStart system is genius! You get the following features with the app from Viper:

  • Lock/Arm
  • Unlock/Disarm
  • Remote Car Starter
  • Trunk Release
  • Panic/Car Finder

If you already have a compatible remote start system, you can pick up the Viper SmartStart module for about $299. If you need the whole setup, it will run you about $499.  I need to note that a service plan is required. When you buy the module or the whole setup, one year is included. After the initial year it will run you $29.99 a month for the service. You can download the app for free but obviously it will do you no good without the hardware in your car and an active subscription.