Video: Samsung Galaxy S Display Torture Test


Did you put one of those screen protectors on your Galaxy S or other slate-style phone with a Gorilla Glass front?  Do you wonder just how strong that stuff really is?  So did the makers of this Korean video.  The star of the show is indeed a Galaxy S, using its Korean stage name: Anycall Galaxy S.

And the person who posted it to YouTube calls it “a smartphone snuff film.”

First they simulated carrying the handset around in a pocket or purse where it would rub up against plenty of metallic objects.  No visible damage.  Then they took a wood screw (photo above) and scratched it repeatedly against the display.  Again, no visible damage.  Then they really got nasty to the poor smartphone.  Find out what the limits are to Gorilla Glass’s integrity!

Have a gander at the video.  It’s seven minutes long, and entirely in Korean, but destructive testing has always been a language that most of us can understand.

Here’s a list of Gorilla Glass devices that Corning is allowed to mention.  Also there’s a thread here on the difference between scratch-proof and scratch resistant, a discussion that came from someone dropping a Motorola DROID X on gravel.  It’s too bad the video producers hadn’t read that thread first.

Source: Android Community