Verizon taking steps towards improving Unlimited Plans

It looks like big red might be trying to get even bigger with its new unlimited plan testing going on in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Sprint and T mobile offer similar unlimited plans which include data,text,and voice for $99.99,but for being the biggest wireless provider in the U.S this comes across to big deal for Verizon customers. Currently Verizons unlimited plan only consists of voice and text which runs for $89.99 monthly. With the current promotion the current unlimited plan of $89.99 will drop to $69.99 and the data plan will run customers $29.99 which will come to a total of $99.99 not to bad for a Verizon bill. Also noted with this current promotion this all in one unlimited plan is only being offered to single line plans not family plans maybe in due time keep your fingers crossed. Other tests are soon to go underway according to Fiercewireless, which include a unlimited talk plan to any mobile network within the U.S and also a prepaid unlimited talk plan which will run for $50.00. With this unlimited plan maybe coming to Verizon I must say personally I really hope Verizon comes through with this,it will save people money for one and for two with all the future Android devices coming to Verizon it should increase the popularity and sales of Android devices. All in all this can turn out to be big for Verizon and Android.

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