Verizon Offering Early Upgrade For Droid 2!

August 13, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Have you been following our Droid 2 coverage, and have been feening to get your hands on this device, but your contract dosen’t end until later this year? Good news for you.. Verizon is offering an early upgrade to customers who’s contract ends anytime in 2010. They did the same with the Motorola Droid X about a month ago and it seems to be a trend.

The Droid 2 will run for $199 for the early upgraders-same exact price as it would go for with new customers (no hidden fee’s or early termination punishments). If your down to extend your contract another two years, its a small price for the sexy new device.

So, who’s ready to take Verizon up on this great offer?