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Yesterday, ProductReviews ran a piece about the top five Android phones.  Their list is below.

#5. Samsung Vibrant – This phone brings a superb AMOLED display with brilliant multimedia features, but one of the major drawbacks about this phone is the lack of a flash for the camera. This alone would put most people off when mixed with a quite laggy interface that the phone also suffers with.


#4. Google Nexus One – Formally a joint number one entry, the Google Nexus One is still one of the prime contenders in the Android market. From it's snazzy design, amazing AMOLED display and speedy and satisfying performance, it's hard to gone wrong with. But it does have its own set of problems that prevent it from climbing to the top. Some network issues, an average multimedia player and less than perfect software keyboard are factors Google must take in to consideration when designing the next Nexus breed.

#3. HTC Droid Incredible – Formally sitting perfectly in the number one spot, the Droid Incredible lives up to its name in being just that. Infact, it is one of the most impressive overall phones on the market today, and has only recently been beaten by the newer phones that took the Incredible and made them better. We didn't think it was possible. The only drawback with this phone is its boring media player, and even that is not enough to put anyone off wanting this suberb phone.

#2. Motorola Droid X – Even the name makes it sound cool. "So what phone do you have?" "I have a Droid X!" This phone benefits from superb multimedia playback, amazing network performance and an array of brilliant features. The interface can be sluggish at times though, and it does not come with Android OS 2.2 FroYo pre-installed.


#1. HTC EVO 4G – HTC continue to impress, and the EVO 4G is no surprise. With 4G connectivity, gorgeous 8MP camera, and a beautiful display packed with features, it's hard to go wrong with this phone. The only drawback being that not everyone can yet experience its best feature â€" 4G coverage.

My list is a little different, if I can include non-US native phones.  I think number one would be the Samsung Galaxy Beam i8520.  This phone uses Samsung's Super AMOLED technology, and has a 3.7 inch high-res screen.  It is thicker than many phones on the market, but I like a little heft.  It runs 2.1, and has an underclocked Hummingbird SoC running at 720 MHz, which I think is plenty fast and it can be overclocked.  There is 16 GB of in-built storage space.  It has a huge battery (1800 MAh!), and 8 MP camera with flash.  The best part is that it has a built in pico-projector that works great!  It works on AT&T's 3G.  I'm pretty pumped for this phone.

Number two for me is the international Samsung Galaxy S (not one of the US versions).  That four-inch Super AMOLED display is gorgeous.  Capable 5 MP camera, and front-facing camera.  It has DLNA for media-sharing, and TV-Out for big-screen viewing.  There is a nice sized battery in there, Swype pre-installed, and the ability to watch just about any media built in. Works on AT&T 3G.


Number three is HTC Incredible/HTC Desire/Nexus One.  They are all basically the same phone, and this covers a bunch of network possibilities.  Personally, I like the styling of the Desire the most, especially the physical buttons.  The Incredible does have an 8 MP camera that the other two are lacking, but 5 MP is really good enough for me.  I think these phones are a great showcase of what Android has to offer.  They are also the most hackable in my opinion, which is definitely a plus.

Number four is Acer Liquid A1/E.  This phone, which is named differently depending on whether it comes pre-installed with 1.6 or 2.1, is really great.  This is not a great phone for out-of-the box experience.  If, however, you feel comfortable with hacking your phone, this is a great choice.  It is comparable to a Nexus One with these differences: no trackball, no camera flash, 3.5 inch screen instead of 3.7.  That said, it costs significantly less and is available in three colors: white, red, and black.  Works on AT&T 3G.

Number five is the HTC Evo 4G.  This is on the list mostly for innovation.  I don't like the way this phone feels or looks, but if it is your cup of tea, then more power to you.  There is TV-out, that large 4.3 inch screen, front-facing camera for video calling, 8 MP camera, and of course 4G service that make this phone worth considering.


I did not include phones that have not been released yet, but if I had to name a few to look out for, I would say Acer Stream (it has a great custom interface, and hardware media control buttons!) and the Motorola Droid 2.

A lot of people in the States are not aware that they can buy an unlocked phone from international sources that might work with T-Mobile or AT&T.  They are definitely worth considering though.

Do you agree with either of these lists?  Do you have a phone that should have been included?  Tell us in the comments.


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