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Today we take a look at the Motorola Flipout , this android smart phone makes its North American debut on Canada's Rogers Network.It has a unique flip feature and is a small and compact design which is sure to be a hit among new smartphone users.



This android device is like a small rectangular box, that comes with a rotator keyboard and a small enough to put in your pocket and is only 2.8 inches in size and is also 0.67 inches in height and ways 120 Grams.  It comes in various colors and has a standard android smart phone features of settings buttons home button and add back button.  It has a power button located on the top, a volume rocker on the side and the many USB Port for charging.  Once you open up the phone the keyboard slides out and provides you with all full qwerty keyboard.  Use a very unique looking phone but a sharply designed and perfect in size for someone on the go who does not want a carry a larger smart phone.  This form is certainly stylish compact and as vibrant colors and social media features are sure to make it a hit.



Based on the specs for this phony does seem a little underpowered compared to some of the higher end android smart phones has its processor clock speed is only 600 MHZ.  It does have 512MB of ram and a flash rom of 512 MB, its internal storage has only 150MB but has upgradeable memory available via the micro SD slot that supports up to 32GB.  While this phone will not break any speed records compared to some of the elite android handsets it certainly will satisfy the average user that this phone is targeted towards.  While using the phone and did not notice any type of lag but I certainly wouldn't want to use this phone for high end android gaming.



The display is 320 x 240 QVGA that has a pixel density of 120 DPI low and supports up to 16 men may 1,000,000 colors.  While the screen is small in size is surprisingly is big enough to run most android applications without difficulty and does actually have fairly vivid coloring.  The QVGA display is not that of the quality of some of the higher and sets it does tend to give a bit of a haze.  That being said most average consumers will not notice the difference unless compared to a high and display screen.


The battering is a LI-ION, 1170 mAh that is rated for 6 hours of talk time in a standby time of 15 days.  While these are the specs provided by Motorola obviously a real usage varies based on applications and use of the phone.  When testing the phone I turned the display up and turn off the quick screen time out to push the batter retains the Max while testing so I get more of the real time accurate reading of the battery.  I found in my testing that this phone has averaged battery life overall in the day of age of smart phones of the need to be plugged in regularly.  Now it may have been my testing methods but this phones battery ran extremely hot and if you plan on heavy usage it is going to run hot for you.


Operating System

The android platform has had several operating system upgrades over the past year manufacturers have been racing roll out these updates and this phone comes with a fairly new version of the software.  It comes with android 2.1 that is a great version of the operating system and gives you tons of features on the Motorola Flipout.  The latest version of the android software 2.2 froyo we'll hopefully be upgraded on this device but with the slow roll out of upgrades taking place by Motorola I don't see that happening till the end of the year or beginning of next year.  Unless you are an android enthusiast the latest software will have little effect on your usage of this phone.  The phone does seem to run the operating system fairly smoothly but any hiccups along the way can be attributed to the processor speed.



Phone is outfitted with 1.5 modal blur software that sinks all of your friends, emails, messages, face book, my space, twitter.  Moto blur allows you to stay in touch with all the latest updates and customize widgets on your home screen so you can easily see the latest happenings.  While for me personally I prefer to use separate applications for my social media but the motoblur software is a hit with those who want to stay socially connected without using a ton of applications.  Hardcore and ray fans probably prefer not to use the motoblur software but for somebody new to android that uses social media often it is a blessing in disguise.  You can also go to the motoblur website to configure all of your social media settings and is well on the phone.  One neat feature on the motoblur website is that if you happen to lose your phone it will display on Cobol maps the last known location that your phones GPS broadcasted from.


The Motorola Flipout comes with all the standard android applications on this phone that you would expect from smart phone. Because it runs the android 2.1 operating system you are able to download and install almost every application from the android market that you could dream of.  This particular device that is released by Rogers comes with the few different applications such as the Rogers my account, Rogers music, ring tones and shopping.  It also comes with Rogers on demand which allows you to watch on demand mobile shows from the Rogers on demand web site streaming to your phone and has a fairly good lineup of videos ranging from MTV, NBC, CTV and a wide variety of music TV and sports.  I did find the Rogers on them and mobile to be a little slow and laggy but I am sure that depends on where you are accessing it from.



For those of you who like qwerty keyboards you'll love this phone it has a small compact and very accurate keyboard with an excellent navigation button and at great layout.  Considering the size of this phone and very impressed with the design and quality of the keyboard and it would arrival any qwerty keyboard on any high-end device available on the market right now.  For those of you that also like to use touch screen Motorola has not forgot about you as you can use a touch screen keyboard as well.  One of Motorola's strong suits in the android platform has always been their keyboards and they have continued their winning ways on the Motorola Flipout.

Camera and Video


This android smart phone comes with at small 3 MP camera with fixed focus, no flash but does have a four times digital zoom.  It also can reach cord videos at 25FPS and playback at 30 FPS it does play most streaming formats as well.  While this is not the top align cameras some of the higher and android smart phones certainly will get the job done and considering the size of the phone they can only pack in so much hardware.  It does come with Kodak touch technology for better and brighter pictures gallery mode for tagging and labeling photos and instant upload access to face book, my space, the picasa and photo bucket

Call Quality

Call quality is average and has the Motorola crystal talk plus which is a proprietary process from Motorola that had the second microphone improving voice quality even further while filtering out background noise.


  • Compact design
  • Flipout design
  • Excellent keyboard
  • Android 2.1


  • Battery runs hot
  • Mid grade processor
  • Below average display

Conclusions and Final thoughts:

When I first received this phone I thought I was going to be gimmicky, I thought I was going to be a cheap built little toy.  I was wrong.  This is a very well constructed android smart phone, while it may be lacking some of the higher end features of the top of the line android devices this they should not scare anyone serious about buying this android device.  The motoblur software is definitely a plus for those who want to be socially connected at all times and be able to check these updates via their home screen.  The phone has some great features and a truly unique design that will impress anybody and is highly functional .This phone is certainly made for people on the go and wont the features of the smart phone tucked away conveniently in their pocket.  The phone is currently available apt on Rogers Network for only $29.95 on a three year contract and is available for purchase in store or online.

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