The Samsung Intercept Review: Not A Bad Phone For Anyone



With all the excitement of super phones and massively powerful technology, lets not forget that there are people out there who could care less of what processor your are running on a mobile device, they just want to know that it works and it plays a few games, does some apps and thats what you get with the Samsung Intercept. Solid phone that works!



Mine was the pink model, and for a pink phone, it looks nice! Solid plastic that gave a good color/hue. I got it and was skeptical, I think it had something to do with being pink and I am a male, but after getting over that, I came to realize that I had a pretty solid phone in my hands and it was running on Samsung's Software.



Running an 800 mhz processor (still fast for this little phone), a 3.2 mp camera, a good solid screen and an SD card upgradable to 32 gig. A qwerty keyboard also comes stock with this unit



The screen is smaller than a lot of current phones out there, but that doesn't stop it from being good, just makes it easy to use. Its a good size, a lot like the G1 or the LG Ally.


Operating System


2.1 comes with this one, it can handle it, why not! It works well with 2.1 and the TouchWiz Interface. It has the 2.1 widgets as well as some samsung ones that run well in 2.1


The software on this unit is called TouchWiz. Its a Samsung software that is kind of like the Sense UI, it has widgets that can scroll up and down just like Sense UI, it also has quite a few other features that are pretty cool. One I noticed was on the notification bar you get things like "silence phone" "Vibrate" "WiFi". Thats a nice touch, makes things VERY easy to get to. Smart, intuitive.



There are more applications with Samsung than you can shake a stick at, the modified UI adds tons, like I mentioned before, there is a whole new SET of widgets to access, clocks, and the works…. ADD MORE HERE

Key Board


There is a hard keyboard on this phone and it reminds me a lot of the LG Ally, they are quite similar. This one seems to have more functions for texting than any before it. One I saw was a dedicated smiley button 🙂 that face is just two clicks away! Its an easy keyboard to navigate, big buttons and it feels pretty natural, the buttons are smooth and almost flush with the rest of the phone. It makes a difference.

Web Browsing,  Camera and Video

The web experience on here is a lot like everything else, doesn't seem they have added anything new or special, but that doesn't make it bad. Its still quite good. Its your average Android Web experience and thats fine. As for Camera, it comes with a 3.2 mp camera that does its job, 3.2 is still not a bad resolution, a lot of phones still use it. The pictures come out nicely and there is nothing to complain about. The video is the same, it captures video quite well. Can't complain about any of these functions.


Call Quality

The calls on Sprints network are fine, I live in a less populated area and it works great. The phone and sprint have both done a good job.


  • It comes with its own widgets
  • Good Phone For Anyone
  • Good Camera
  • New TouchWiz UI
  • 2.1 OS


  • The battery seemed a tad weak, but it is smaller after all

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

Don't want to jump into a nexus one, a droid x, droid 1, droid 2 or any other phone that just feels like TOO MUCH! This one is for you, light weight, simple to use and fun. The camera works great, it makes calls and the drop down hard keyboard makes it easy to send texts or emails to anyone easily. No major problems to report, just sit back and enjoy it. Its easy.