T-Mobile Registers More Trademarks….MyTouch HD

August 19, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Back in May T-Mobile trademarked G1 Blaze as well as G2, G1 Rocket and just Blaze. Other names that were trademarked since are: The Cliq 2, The Rocket, The Jet. Just after those were trademarked T-Mobile sent out a press release tease talking about the G2 and now T-Mobile has acquired two more trademarks according to the US Trademark Office. Another rumored device has been trademarked; The MyTouch HD. This should come at no¬†surprise¬†and another trademark the T-Mobile got was “The Family Network.” Who knows what this will turn out to be, but hopefully T-Mobile will keep us in the loop in the coming months. Hopefully the MyTouch HD will debut soon.