Still Don't Have Froyo? Want to Know When Your Phone is Getting It?

FroYo is already hitting the HTC Evo 4g on Sprint and is Coming to Verizon's Moto Droid asap, soon as this week and a little in to the next two weeks or so. Well, the deal is... when does everyone get it? There are so many android phones and some phones won't get it, some won't even get 2.1 due to complications of things, but those that have 2.1 should get 2.2 very soon, probably before the end of the year, nearly certain.


The Galaxy Series should be seeing FroYo soon, they are all rumored and all are the same phone. So expect these phones to be getting it as soon as possible, keep watching our site for news because there aren't really any rumored dates, not all the phones are even out yet, still waiting on the Fascinate on Verizon and the Epic 4G on Sprint. The Behold II is that case of NOT getting 2.1 let alone 2.2, poor Behold II.


There are soo many Moto Phones, I will try to keep them all in check here... Rumors are spread that the Droid X will be getting it as soon as September, not sure when in September but it's tentatively set for September. The Droid 2 is supposed to come with Android 2.2, so that isn't really an issue. However there are so manu phones out there, Cliq, Cliq XT, Sage, Charm, i1 and more and most have 2.1 but some still have 1.6 and its hard to say if all or any are getting 2.2, hopefully the newest ones will. But no rumors have been laid out.


Its looking Good For the MyTouch 3G, the MyTouch Slide 3G, Aria and Incredible, but what of the others, the Eris and the Hero? This one is tough, the Hero seems like it COULD, but its hard to say, Incredible Should be ANY day now.

Other Manufacturers

All other phones, well who knows. As the rumors flow, we at will keep you up to date, so stay tuned for the latest in 2.2 and FroYo.

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