Sony Shows More Love for Android by launching Hanashi App

August 24, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Sony Ericsson has come out with an Android product yet again and this time it is an App.Sony Ericsson released its android powered smartphone in the first quarter of this year and now to show its dedication towards android it has released an instant messaging service which is called as ‘Hanashi chat’.This is an instant messaging service,you can connect with your friends and share pictures,videos,music and also voice recordings.You will also be able to track your friend’s location if you hav allowed you friend to view your location.You will also be able to connect it with twitter.Hanashi can only be used if your end user also has the hanashi chat can also use hanashi chat with your friends who do not have an android phone,as hanashi can also be used in other mobile phones.

Hanashi does not support MSN or any other chat service,you have to connect to your friend by using his phone number.You will also be able to connect to people by using the random connect feature.Hanashi has also got a feature of using your android phone as a walkie-talkie.This application does not require your e-mail id or any password or any other related things,it uses your phone number to connect to other people and to login.

You can download hanashi and know more about it from here: