September Release For OpenFeint On Android?

It's okay if you have no idea what OpenFeint is, I didn't either when I took this story. Apparently it's pretty popular on the ol' iPhone though. OpenFeint, in a nutshell, is a social gaming application that tracks your scores and achievements from within games and rewards players with "Feint Points" which are used to rank players accordingly.  Also from within the app you can chat with friends and other players, invite people to the games you are playing with Facebook and Twitter integration, and with OpenFeint's "Gold" games players compete for actual prizes. Here is a description from OpenFeint themselves:

Turn on OpenFeint and discover a whole new way to enjoy your iPhone games. Once inside, you'll instantly connect to more than 30 million people just like you. You can find new friends, chat with fellow game players, and send instant messages inside the games you download. Already have friends who you like to game with? No problem. With Facebook and Twitter integration, we've made its easy for you bring your own friends with you.

What fun is beating your own high score, when you can beat your best friend's? Playing games is more fun when there's something on the line. So whether you're challenging a friend's best time or trying to get the highest score on the global leaderboard, OpenFeint helps you compete and rewards you for succeeding.

All in all OpenFeint sounds like a good time. There are currently 35 million OpenFeint players playing over 2177 games, and most of those games are downloaded from OpenFeint itself. Throughout any given day OpenFeint offers certain games for free, while most paid games seem to cost about $.99.

So now I brought this to your attention, you're ready to play now, right? are going to have to wait. OpenFeint is said to make it's Android debut "sometime in September."  So that means probably closer to October in software release land. Of course, you can bet we'll keep you updated here when we hear of any news of its release.

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