Scott Pilgrim Android App Review: Is Pure Awesome

App Name: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little App by 4th Estate and Robot Comics

Description: This is a comic book app to go with the comic book and movie. It's animated and has actions alert you while reading.

How it works: You start with Volume 1 and read by pressing little buttons on the screen, there is only back and forward, the app screen moves as you push the buttons back and forth. You can press the menu button for more options and sometimes there are secrets to unlock by getting so far or achieving things.

Opinion: So far I have been loving it, its a great app and tells a great story. The comic was written by Brian O'Malley, he tells a great story and its just a fun comic book experience over all. I am really enjoying it a lot. Its fun, interactive and enjoyable. The Comic alone is fun but there actually is more to the app than just reading, you can chat with people, leave comments, unlock things and more. I can't wait til the other books in the series are released and I can continue reading them as well. Its relatively cheap at around 5 dollars American per book. This is an app worth getting.

Ratings :

· Speed (5/5) - Its VERY snappy, there isn't any lag and there shouldn't be

· Features (4/5) - It has so many features, SOO MANY! Its loaded

· Theme (4/5) - The theme of the app fits the comic very well, it does such a good job telling the story from the comic book.

· Overall (4.5/5) - Like I said, can't say it enough, everything flows, everything works, everything is good with this app. I like it a lot.


  • Its a fun comic book
  • Its a fun story to read
  • The app is interactive
  • It plays sounds and vibrates at certain parts of the story
  • There are things to unlock


  • If it were free that would be cool, maybe an ad supported version of books? Hard to say

Conclusion: Great app, no complaints, great pricing. Fun story. Just nothing really negative to say, all positive, the movie will be a fun compliment to this app as the books already have been

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