Samsung Galaxy Tab: Android Tablet Due in September?

August 2, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Samsung is hard at work. Not only are they rockin an awesome Galaxy S line of phones, but they also have new tablet they have been working on. It is called the Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab is modeled after the Galaxy S line of phones, so you know this thing is going to be awesome. Details are sketchy but let me tell you what I have heard through the grapevine. This tablet will be 7″ and supposedly will have a Super AMOLED screen which is exactly what the Galaxy S has. (Not surprising since Samsung makes these screens.) This is great news, if it is true, because Super AMOLED screens are brighter and less reflective than other types of screens on the market.  They also reduce the glare of the sun which is what hurts LCD screens currently. Let me remind you that these are unconfirmed reports I am sharing. The Galaxy Tab is rumored to be released in September and will ship with Android OS 2.2. (Froyo) Supposedly it will boast a 1.2 GHz A8 processor and have 16 GB of internal memory which can be expandable to 48 GB via a microSD card. It will sport a 4,000 mAh battery and will weigh in at 13 ounces. I can’t wait to see more about this tablet!