RocketFish Android Tablet on Horizon from Best Buy

August 9, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

I’d always thought that Best Buy’s only foray into the mobile market had been those neat RocketFish gel skins, and as for hardware, their vpr Matrix brand of laptops and notebooks seemed to disappear into thin air. Nevertheless, the Minnesota company are preparing to release an Android tablet under their RocketFish brand and, I must say, it looks rather nice – although I also long for the day when manufacturers stop thinking let’s make it look like an Apple product.

The pic here is of a form factor only but Best Buy CEO and Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens says it will feature Froyo (OS 2.2), will have a front facing camera and Fring compatibility for those oh-so-trendy video calls. Judging by its similarity to their HP Slate 500 (pictured below for comparison)  and the assumption that the man in the photo does not have ridiculously large – or small – hands, I would say the RocketFish Tablet has an 8 or 9 inch screen.

Form factors are hollow prototype shells that are produced to define the inner dimensions for all the gubbins that will fit in there later, meaning that this baby still has some way to go before we see it on the shelf and making it impossible to tell you much about the hardware – ’cause there ain’t any. Perhaps, by tweeting pictures of the tablet, Mr Stephens is hoping to generate some free advertising from the rumors. If so good luck to him; RocketFish is such a cool name, even if it does sound like it belongs to a snowboard.