REVIEW: The Motorola i1 Android Smartphone – More Than Just a 2-Way Radio



This is the tough phone! This is android's army grade tough phone. It has a walkie talkie and is tough as nails, and here to show you about that, is Mike Rowe!

As you can see, these guys get it dirty, they get it wet a bit and it gets nasty. However, this phone seems to survive, now I personally didn't drop it, but it looks like I could have!


It looks tough! It really does, I pulled it out of its box and it was solid as a rock! I feels like it, it's heavy and durable feeling, maybe like it could be dropped a ways! The screen looks good and the buttons are all bright and easy to see.


Inside this tough machine is a 600 MHz Freescale CPUARM11 processor. It also has Flash memory: 260 MB user-accessible microSD slot: supports up to 32 GB. They don't stop there, they add a 5mp camera on the back as well!


A 320 x 480 px, 3.1 in (79 mm), QVGA, 265k color LCD screen is on this monster of a machine and it works out well, bright colors and a good view is what this screen has to offer.


The battery lasts all day it seem, I never had a problem with my twitter going and receiving emails, that and using the push-to-talk radio as much as I could, I may have over used it. However, the battery still held pretty strong.

Operating System

Android 1.5 is what this gives, again, maybe not for the high end user. If you are just looking to get a good android phone, this is it. If you don't care about software updates and just need reliability, this one is for you. The OS is clean and works.


It comes pre-installed with a few sprint apps, from football to nascar, a real sports fan will enjoy it. The big feature is the push-to-talk radio though, its awesome. I used it for the entire time I had this phone. It works and as long as you have a good distance from the phone to your face, it's as clear as a bell. By this I mean do not talk with it a few inches from your mouth, 6 in to a foot is a good distance, and even at that range it is VERY loud. People that need to stay in touch would use this very often, the speaker is very loud and its hard to miss an alert.

Key Board

No physical keyboard on this phone, but when you are in a quiet area and you can't use the push to talk feature, there is a swype keyboard built in. Swype is a new innovative way to type. You merely slide your finger across the keys and don't lift it until you finish a word then lift and start a new word. For more information be sure to check

Web Browsing,  Camera and Video

The 5mp camera on this is nothing to cry about, its a nice camera that takes very good pictures, the video camera is the same. Both are good quality and would be a great addition to any phone. It really brings the phone up a notch.

Call Quality

The Sprint/Nextel network allowed me to have crystal clear calls as well as loud and easy to understand push to talk messages. I can not recall droppting a call.


  • The push-to-talk
  • Good Smart Phone
  • Good Camera 5mp
  • It has a dedicated camera button
  • It has a camera flash


  • Android 1.5
  • The 3G was acting up

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

If you are an out and about type person, non stop and always on the go, always needing communication with others, this could be for you. You rarely lose a minute with someone while using the push-to-talk 2 way radio system. Swype only adds to the package and then add the 5mp camera, this is a sweet device and it's built like a rock and is army strong.