REVIEW: The HTC Aria, Its So Nice and Small



The first thing I heard from my wife about this was "Oh its so cute"  That's what started me on this journey, HTC's Aria, the CUTE phone. And I will be the first to say, its stylish and I guess a little cute! Its a nice phone, its small and easy to use..



I just mentioned how small it is, it looks like an HTC phone, its pretty cool. Really its like someone stuck an HTC Incredible into a smasher and just made it smaller, a bit more compact, because thats how it feels in my hands, and I have used the Incredible, I know what's going on with it. Both are great, this one feels and is smaller. It has pretty standard HTC Sense Looks, and thats not a bad thing by any means.



It carries a 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM 7227(processor), and also has Flash memory: 512 MBmicroSD memory card (SD 2.0 compatible), microSD slot: supports up to 32 GB, they give you 2 gig to start out with. By way of memory you get 384MB DDR RAM. So its not a weakling by any means.



A 320 x 480 screen resolution which is a bit different than a lot of the phones out there now, but still quite good for what it is, its an itty bitty device that has a good screen size and a slightly lower resolution but it doesn't really hurt it at all.


  • 2G, 3G (up to 6 hours)
  • 372 hours
  • Li-ion (Removable, 1200 mAh capacity)

Nice stats, I have noticed that this battery keeps up with me nearly all day, not sure if its how its used or what but its a good battery in a good phone.


Operating System

You get 2.1 in this device, of course its the HTC Sense UI, and it does a great job. I like the Sense UI, its fluid, it makes most phones faster even if they have a lower processing speed, the ram also does that, but I know the Senese UI helps, not sure if this one gets an upgrade to 2.2 but you would figure it would be eligible.



This phones comes with the standard HTC Sense Widgets and a bunch of AT&T apps, a lot of navigator and at&t hot spot, at&ts map program, their radio program a TV app and YPMobile, all of them serve a pretty decent purpose and do a good job, but sometimes I feel that the Google Software installed does the best job, bug I guess with android its about choice, with AT&T its about giving you what they think you want.

Key Board

There isn't a hard keyboard it comes standard with the HTC IME, you can install other keyboard, not swype on this particular phone as it is locked down, but you can install other market keyboards if needed.


Web Browsing,  Camera and Video

The web browsing is great, its fast and as always HTC does a good job with the web and phone integration. The camera is a 5mp camera and it takes great pictures, no one can disagree that 5mp is a bad camera, its how its used and what situations you are in that can make it bad at times

Call Quality


If this phone weren't on AT&T it would be great, but with AT&T I have had at least 4 dropped calls in a week! A WEEK! A little annoying, too bad really because like I said, when I can keep a phone call, its clear, I can hear it quite well


  • It Comes with its own widgets
  • Good Smart Phone
  • Good Camera 5mp
  • Sense UI is As Good As Ever
  • 2.1 OS


  • No Flash or Camera Button
  • Almost Looks Too Much Like an iPhone
  • AT&Ts Nework

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

I really like this phone, my mom likes it, my wife likes it, I do not like the network, so kudos to HTC on making another winner, and I am sad that AT&T had to be involved and bring it down a notch, hey AT&T for my safety… you don't get to decide what's safe for me, that's why I get choices in life and choose to stay away from your network. That is all.

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