Polaroid Introducing Bluetooth Printer for 3×4 inch Prints for Android

August 25, 2010 - Written By Maddi Hausmann Sojourner

Did you know Polaroid was still in business?  Neither did I.  I thought the digital camera revolution pretty much pushed them over the edge of the Internet.

But they’re still around, and now they’re doing Android.

The Polaroid  PoGo 3×4 Instant Print portable printer can print photos right from your Android phone using their free app and a Bluetooth connection.  You can also use a USB connection if you enjoy messing about with cables.  Polaroid has had a PoGo printer for a more than a year that printed 2 x 3 inch photos on stickyback paper (peel off the protective paper to stick, keep it on otherwise).  They will introduce a 3 x 4 inch version for the holidays this year.  The 2 x 3 printer is available for $49.99 in the US, and 30 sheets of Zink paper for $12.99 at US retailer Target.  The new 3 x 4 printer is expected to retail for around $100.

The photographic paper is a zero-ink product called Zink.  It works by having colorless dye crystals embedded in paper with a polymer coating.  The printer heat-treats the Zink paper which activates the cyan, magenta and yellow dyes to produce full color images.

Here’s a screenshot from the Polaroid PoGo app:

It allows frame shooting with 79 different styles of frame, text input, and the ability to divide frames into 2 x 2 inch images.  It has color calibration and optimization, auto focus, and of course, it can print to a PoGo device. Android 2.0 and up is required (1.6 on Sony Xperia), with a screen size of at least 480 x 800.  It also requires an SD card.

And for your moment of neener neener toward your iPhone-toting friends, Pogo’s iOS version is languishing in Apple App Store Approval Limbo.  Apple is extra deliberative (a technical term for slow) with Bluetooth features in their approval process.

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