PC Vendors Leaning Towards Android

August 2, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic
The ARM processors that the Android OS run on have many advantages. Most notably, they run cooler and are easier on battery life. PC vendors are weighing these advantages against Intel Atom processors when deciding on the hardware to use for upcoming tablet devices. Intel Atom would lend itself more to a Windows based tablet and could really sway the tablet race in Microsoft’s favor if enough PC vendors opt for that processor. Stronger support by manufacturers for the ARM / Android combo could lead to greater adoption in the user community. Android already has a significant lead on Microsoft and the user experience on the Android platform has been very positive and many are taking notice. The Market Place continues to grow and new more sophisticated apps are being released daily. Microsoft has yet to enter the game. Is the Microsoft / Intel clout big enough to muscle its way into the tablet arena?