Official Tumblr App is Out On Android

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I have been bugging the people at Tumblr for a while now. Quite a while. I emailed, I sent press inquiries and I even tried to get with their CEO but nothing worked. I did not get any press info on the Tumblr app, I figured something would come some day but I wasn't sure when. iPhone and Blackberry already had their tumblr apps and yeah there are third party tumblr apps. Tumblroid is a good choice. But none did as well as some of the other professional apps.

Then it happened. Sometime this weekend the OFFICIAL tumblr app found its way onto the Android Market. After no replies and nothing happening, finally something did happen. You must understand I was skeptical as well. I had heard nothing and this is their first app on Android. However, I had no reason to be. This app is what it should be. Maybe they ignored me due to the fact of them being so hard at work to create a great app, and it really is. The app allows you to do everything you can do from the desktop.

Text Post

Of course, the most basic kind of update, the text update. Its here and easy to use, just hit it


This is nice because you can take a photo right from the app or get an older one from the gallery!


Just quote something


This is a post with a link, easy enough


Allows you to chat with people


So far no other app has had this, so far its only been third party apps but none of them have been able to do this, so this is great!


Record Video right from the app or pull old video from the gallery!

Like I said, this app really has it TOGETHER! It does a good job of emulating what Tumblr is on the website. Now you can get it all, update anything, reblog anyone or like whatever. This does great and I for one am glad they took the time to make this amazing. Now we on Android finally have another way to social blog on one of our favorite sites.

We also now have a tumblr account, its growing and we know it. You can find us here