Nexus One Support is No More

August 27, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Google has ended their phone support for the Nexus One. Up until the last day or so you could get support from Google for issues with your Nexus one, but now if you dial the old tech support number (888-486-3987) today, you’ll receive a recording with a new number to call for HTC support (888-216-4736) instead. This isn’t a huge publication on the pipeline of Android news, but this is a favored phone upon the Community, and it probably doesn’t matter to the people it affects, but News is News. Also in reality, the people who mainly bought a Nexus One are largely Android-lovers, developers, and tech-savvy early adopters who don’t need much help.  However, we realize there are those of you out there who would still like to be in the loop about everything Android.