New Pics of Samsung Galaxy Tab, Is it Going to Verizon or Sprint?

It seems like Samsung will want to launch the Galaxy Tab on a 3G network on one of the CDMA networks in USA, because this CDMA version has already appeared in Israel.

This means it's going to come to one of the 2 CDMA networks in USA, too. The question is which? Verizon would seem the most likely choice because it's the biggest network. However, Verizon might already have one or two important tablets coming this fall from Motorola and HTC. I think Verizon would rather focus their marketing efforts on one of these, and create a launch and big buzz before it.

On the other hand I doubt Sprint has too many tablets coming its way this soon, considering it's one of the small carriers, but also a CDMA one, so not too many tablet makers will be interested in making one for them. Except perhaps a big one that can handle manufacturing multiple versions at once - a manufacturer like Samsung.

At this point nothing is for sure, and it could go either way. What do you think?

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