Motorola Droid Car Window Mount


App Name: Motorola Droid Car Mount (OEM)


Description: This sticks on your Car Window and is able to mount your droid in your car, it also can mount on your dash.

How it works: You peel the plastic off the back and then put some alcohol on both sides of where you are placing it, whether it be your dash or your window, the key is to keep it CLEAN before you place it. After that insert your droid into the mount. It will then automatically go into car mount.

Opinion: I use it a lot. Its awesome. I use it for navigation a lot. It has become better with the addition of the new Google Voice Search, it works amazingly. How easy is it to just say, Pizza and then your location and it finds ALL the pizza. That works with anything. The other day I told it to navigate to a location and it worked. Its amazing to have as it is a great mount. It hasn't fallen off and it stays in place.


  • It sticks to the windshield or dash
  • It works, it keeps things at a great reaching distance
  • It is fast to use and with Voice Search it works better.


  • Would be nice if the charger were able to connect to the car radio somehow.

Conclusion: I use this daily, I love using it, its awesome and works. Voice search is awesome with it. The charger lights up and shows a BLUE Motorola Logo (this is OEM)

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