Monaco Solar Charger From Wireless Ground


App Name: Monaco Solar Charger/Wall Charger


Description: It uses the sun or your wall to charge itself. It is basically a power storage device. It can hold enough juice to charge most phones and devices, Android is all I have tested but it does more.

How it works: It sits out in the sun for up to 6 hours and gathers sun light (or by wall for 6 hours). When charging, a red light indicates that it is doing its job. When done it is ready to use and can charge most devices.

Opinion: Its great for being on the go and not keeping a charge on you. One of the better things about it is that it comes witha  wall charger as well. It plugs into your wall and can be used as an extra power source for your phone. The same can be said for its solar usages. If you are in a car and going somewhere and its not cloudy of course… you can use the sun to charge for the time you are traveling and then when you get to your destination, plug the phone in and bam, more power.


The nicest thing about this is that you can use it on MANY devices, cameras, phones, etc etc the list really goes on and on. It comes with two different charger attachments, one for the newer phones a USB slim mini port and then older like the G1 and my TomTom. Its pretty great like that.

Ratings :

· Speed (4/5) – It charges in a good time. Then its useful and fast to charge up your devices


· Features (4/5) It can charges itself via solar power or from your wall plugs and then turns around and charges your devices, how amazing. It also has two attachments. It also comes with a wall charging mount, and can plug into PC via USB (6 hrs to charge both ways)


  • Keep your phone charges in emergencies
  • Your phone won't die now
  • You can charge things that aren't phones
  • Has multiple attachments


  • If the sun isn't out and you aren't near a plug then its not much good

Conclusion: I have used this and it works, it works well! I can't complain about it at all. It does a good job, it charges quickly and it charges your device quickly, its fairly easy to use if you read the instructions and it does what it says. Its a good buy!

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