Love Your Firefox Browser? Fox2Phone Loves Android

android plays with firefox

Google released a way-cool add-on for its Chrome Browser last week called Chrome to Phone.  Working with an Android app of the same name, this nifty nicety lets you send web pages, videos, maps, or text to your Froyo-equipped phone.

Don’t use Chrome because you’re a Firefox browser fan?  Now there’s a Firefox add-on called FoxToPhone.  Based on Google’s Chrome to Phone, the Firefox version also allows you to send the current webpage in the address bar, up to 1024 characters of selected text, or have Android locate any YouTube video, Google maps, or telephone numbers lurking within what you send.  Just select and right-click!  You can also select market:, smsto:, and tel: protocols in a URL to send them to your handset.  The screenshot shows how Fox2Phone makes itself available on a right-click in Firefox:

Simply install the chrometophone app (yes, the Android app Google wrote for Chrome) on your smartphone first, and then start using the Firefox add-in.  Since this is a google link rather than the Android Market, you must allow Unknown Sources to install applications.  It’s probably a good idea to deselect that option after installing it.

Don’t have Froyo on your phone yet (or ever will)?  Well then, you’re completely out of luck.  Both browser add-ons use new APIs that are part of Android 2.2.

Source: Ubergizmo