Love Tennis? US Open on Your Android


Want to watch a championship tennis match in the upcoming US Open but know you won't be anywhere near a television?  Can't make it to Billie Jean King Tennis Center? As long as you have your Android phone with you, you can keep up with all the games!

US Open 2010 mobile app will keep you courtside.  The app includes

  • Live match scores updates
  • Daily match schedules
  • History of all the matches that are being played
  • Notification of the various events that are happening
  • Information regarding the spectators

Well, it doesn't say it will have video of the matches or interviews with the players, but at least you'll know how your favorite players are doing.  I sure hope the app is more robust than their website.  See that feature list above?  That's from the home page, but if you click on "feature list" you get this:

  • Live Tennis Match News
  • History of the Matches
  • Live Score Updates
  • Notifications of the various Events
  • Schedule of the Matches
  • Spectator Information
  • Live Tweets

That's mostly the same list, but Tweets and Match News were added.  Their own screenshots (above) shows these selections on the main menu:

  • History
  • Schedule
  • Draws
  • Tweets
  • Players
  • Info
  • News
  • Live Score



The US Open app was developed by OpenXcell, who call themselves "a vibrant outsourcing hub."  Here's their press release on this mobile app.  US Open mobile app is $0.99 and available now on the Android Market and AppBrain.  It says it's for all Android Versions.  When I went to the Market, here's what they had to say:

Tennis US Open 2010 – GujjuBulls

Are you ready to take in the 2010 U.S. Open on your Android Phone?


NOTE: This is Lite Version and Upgrades will be available soon in same App.  We are still working on App.

I do wonder about their development process, with version 1.1.1 coming out after version 2.1.  Perhaps it is this attention to detail that gave them such high ratings for their FIFA Soccer apps.


The Open starts August 30th, just a day before you can pick up your Samsung Epic 4G.  Hope OpenXcell/GujjuBulls is finished by then.