Leak: Verizon's Samsung Fascinate Training Documents

Guess someone at Verizon Wireless didn't like all those rude comments asking why they were taking so long to release the Samsung Fascinate.  After all, this is Verizon's version of the Galaxy S, which all the other US Carriers have either launched or are about to.  But no word from Big Red.

So someone  slipped these training slides under the door at Boy Genius Report.  Verizon wants you to know that yes, they really do plan to release this phone!  Here's their docs so their people can sell it!  And we're happy to pass them on.  Let's have a look at this comparison chart.  What does Verizon want to emphasize in selling the Fascinate?

Let's see, less onboard memory than any Android phone in their lineup except the LG Ally, and not by much either (512 MB RAM, 336 MB ROM* just edges out the Ally's 256 MB ROM).  Second biggest screen of the bunch, only beaten out by the hypertrophied DROID X.  Adobe Flash (and therefore Android 2.2) projected for Year End 2010.  Not exactly first on the train.  (*Slide 7 says 384 MB ROM.)

The Fascinate is going to have VCAST by Rhapsody for music downloading, as opposed to Amazon MP3.  Bing instead of Google search.  Bing Maps instead of Google (but at least you can download the latter from Android Market).  VZ Navigator is pre-installed, but it's a subscription service.  While Bing Maps can give directions, it doesn't do so audibly. The UI is Samsung's TouchWiz.

You know what's missing from this chart?  A price.  You know what else?  A launch date. And here's one more thing that made me chuckle.  Slide 4:

Nothing like an alternate brand name for a new product.  Is a Hummingbird processor really faster than a TI OMAP at the same clock speed?

To see the full set of slides, head over to of Boy Genius Report.  Be sure to catch the last slide in the series, which compares all four US flavors of the Samsung Galaxy S... with the iPhone.  Verizon's stated advantages and disadvantages of its own Fascinate?  Pro: "Exclusive Applications, Network, Size."  Con: "Less onboard RAM, no physical QWERTY."

The phones are now showing up in Verizon warehouses, so maybe the launch will be a lot sooner than October.

Additional Source: IntoMobile

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