Huawei to Release Android T62W eReader

Huawei eReader 540x405

A few companies have jumped into the eReader market since Sony debuted their eReader, and now Huawei throws their name into the ring with their first eReader . Huawei’s T62W eReader has made its way through the FCC sporting a gray screen and white body. While no specs have been released yet the user manual did highlight some interesting features.

Huawei’s T62W eReader will use a  6-inch e-ink display that’s actually touch screen. The other features include wifi, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, a microSDHC card, and a SIM card slot. No specs yet on the screen resolution or what kind of eBooks offered but the real question is what kind of operating system will it offer? Hopefully Android based, but maybe just maybe Huawei will surprise us with their own hybrid.