Huawei to launch a New Android 2.2 Smartphone at IFA


Huawei has shown love to android from the very begining of this year,infact they were the ones who brought out the worlds first HSPA+ android phone and have introduced many more android phones since.Huawei is a chinese comapny which emphasises more on the cost factor than the specs of a phone.they try to provide more with a very low price tag.This time they are launching their new phone known as the U8150 will sport a 2.8 inch capacitive touch screen,GPS, 528 MHz processor, 3.2-megapixel camera and 802.11n WiFi.The features are not that great and if it comes out in the market and play with the big boys like the htc evo 4g and the droid x then its realy not going to stand a chance against them.

Actually huawei is not that popular in the U.S it has more sales at other countries where the spending power of the people is low and allowing them to buy a phone with good features at a very low cost.I know that the 528 mhz processor is not such a great feature and i dont know whether it will be able to handle the power of froyo,and whether all the features of froyo will be compatible or not,but i have a 528 mhz procesor on my phone and after rooting and running setCPU i am able to overclock it upto 700 mhz and froyo runs quite fine on it without any glitches.

For companies like huawei and other chinese and upcoming comapnies,android is the best platform to choose if they are trying to play it big and trying to come into the smartphone market.These phones will go ahead and do grea in the mid range phone market and these comapnies will be able to get good amount of profit from these type of phones.The price has not been declared yet,but the U8150 will be available at the U.K and U.S market pretty soon.

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