HTC Hero on Telus finally getting Eclair 2.1

August 17, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

The HTC Hero is a handsome device (at least the GSM version is).  Released before the Moto Droid, it was an exciting look at what was possible with Android.  Sense was beautiful and fast, and everyone wanted to have it on their G1.  While there has been a lot of movement away from the Hero, a lot of Hero users have refused to upgrade.  In fact, there is still a pretty die-hard following for the Hero.

Fear not, Hero owners on Telus.  You will finally be getting updated to Eclair 2.1!  A Howard Forums member pointed out that if you look at the source code on the Telus Hero site, you can see ‘Coming soon – upgrade to Android 2.1!’ and a list of new features: including Flash 4.0 support, a voice dialer, multi-touch navigation, Google Maps navigation, and a people group widget.

Soon, you will be able to feel vindicated for sticking with old faithful.  I hope it comes to you quickly!