HTC Glacier: T-Mobile’s Secret ‘Project Emerald’ Dual-Core Beast

August 3, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Project Emerald Heats up, but with a name like that HTC Glacier, you can expect that this hardware will give every other device out there one hell of a cold shoulder. HTC Glacier is probably one that you all haven’t remembered as much as the ones for other HTC devices, but this one is gathering slowly but surely a lot of hype and as well it should.The benchmark score that this device has makes it a BEAST above and beyond all the other “super” and high end Android phones out there available to anyone right now. 1,432 frames per second makes this device faster than the Mach Five and Mach Six and is sure to make the Droid X, EVO, and Galaxy S quiver when this monster roars into the public.

Remember Motorola vaguely saying that dual-core processors (2Ghz) would be available sometime in the future? HTC has got to have beaten them with the numbers this device is pulling in and making mince meat out of. Qualcom issued a press release that it had began to sample third-generation dual-core Snapdragon processors to partners, and how ironic that this information now become available (the benchmarking tests).The Snapdragon phones like the EVO 4G run at about 516 frames per second and HTC’s Glacier is destroying 1,432 frames which is around THREE times that of HTC’s fastest device to date, which really helps hit home that there is a dual-core processor behind this device.

Why would anyone lean heavily towards saying that this HTC Glacier is T-Mobile’s Project Emerald? Well, there have been rumors that this “project” will be a dual-core device which is why it makes a lot of sense that it be T-Mobile’s Project Emerald.The tests that have come in were from someone on <> with the username of “mbibik” and we have those screenshots that were taken and shared with our friends at <>. The devices used in comparison by the user are HTC devices and are sold for T-MobileUSA. And through some digging, this gentlemen Mike Bibik works for T-MobileUSA so now the speculations are making more sense, aren’t they? Sorry Mike, we hope this doesn’t cost you anything, but it sure as hell gives us a whole lot!

Now what do you guys think about Project Emerald?

Now what do you guys think about Project Emerald?