HTC Desire update imminent in Europe, we hope


There was a rumor that the HTC Desire would get an update to 2.2 over the next few days.  A lot of desire owners across Europe (including those on the network, Telstra) started receiving the update yesterday.  Vodafone was not one of these networks to receive that update.  Today, it seems that Vodafone did in fact pass out an update to HTC Desire owners, but it was not Froyo.  Instead, they received a number of Vodafone apps, a new Vodafone branded start animation, and changes to the homescreen.

Some of the new apps are a new web browser, a new music shop, an app for Vodafone's 360 social experience and others.  Unfortunately, these were not included in the update's release notes, and a lot of customers are pissed off because of that and also because there was no Froyo love.  Vodafone's response to these complaints is as follows:

To ensure the handset is optimised for performance on Vodafone, we will sometimes add or remove certain functions. As an example, we would remove an App that only worked in America (e.g. Netflix) to avoid confusion for people trying to use it in the UK. We also remove other operators' settings from the handset to free up onboard memory.


If you are curious, there is no Netflix app yet on Android.  Further, some users are reporting that some of these updates use more memory than an earlier version, and since they are unable to delete the carrier-loaded apps, it has left there phones less usable than before.

My solution is of course to root your phone, install or uninstall whatever apps you want and be happy.  You could also update to a 2.2 ROM while you are at it, but you could also wait for the carrier-supported version.

Orange UK has claimed that their subscribers will receive the update withing a month.  O2 Germany says that customers should receive it after the middle of August.  The others are mostly still MIA on official information.


There is official confirmation from HTC that unlocked Desires should be getting the OTA shortly.  Did you get your update yet?  Let us know in the comments.

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